De-/Re-construction of media power
by decentralized network

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The Problem

Micro-media creators have emerged as major players in the media industry, but mega platforms have become the core of content distribution making money only for themselves. The media power of these platforms makes a big barrier to entry against micro-media creators increasingly.

Our Solution

Level’s aim is to deconstruct the current media power and reconstruct the media ecosystem as the collective power of micro-media creators through decentralization and token economy.

The Micro-media Community Ecosystem
Open curation by editors

Anyone can be an Editor. Editors curate great contents from an open market, and share profits with their Creators transparently.

Community-based revenue model

Profits are community driven by Audiences who follow editors through advertising and sponsorship. Advertisers make effective advertisements for the right target among different communities.

Collaborative publishing system

Creators can publish high-quality content using a powerful CMS(Contents Management System) which supports collaboration with multi-Creators.


De-/Re-construction of media power by decentralized network


Token demand The main sources of a token are ads, patronage, subscription, crowdfunding, etc. Some tokens would be used for rating, voting, accusing as stakes.
Profit share Editor’s profit will be shared with their Creators and also referrers/resource providers/commenters via smart contract.
Common fund Some of the total network profits is taxed on the Common Fund through a smart contract, for operating expenses, subsidies for media development promotion.
Token sales starts at Jun. 18 Roadmap
  • 2018 4Q

    Level ICO

    Private / Pre / Public token sales

    1st co-partnership

    Creator and Editor network

  • 2019 1Q

    2nd co-partnership

    Ad-focused Brand journalism network

  • 2019 2Q

    MVP release

    Leveler Host

    Decentralized data

  • 2019 3Q

    Off-chain test

    Editor and Creator Acceleration program

    Content seeding

  • 2019 4Q

    Platform service release

    Leveler App


Kim, Sangbum
Kim, Sangbum CEO CEO and Founder of Bloter&media inc.
(ex) Inews24, Electronic Times
Dongguk Univ. (B.S.)
PARK, SUNGHO CTO Research Director of M-BRANE Lab
Principal Research Engineer of E4NET
Kyung Hee Univ. (M.S.), Kyung Hee Univ. (B.S.)
Jung, Jaeyeob
Jung, Jaeyeob COO Director of Bloter&media inc.
(ex) Designhouse, SKcomms, Joins, Empas, SBS
Yonsei Univ. (B.S.)
Yi, Yoonsu
Yi, Yoonsu CPO Research Lead of DIGXTAL
(ex) CJ E&M, SK Telecom, KAIST (M.S.)
Yonsei Univ. (B.S.)
Yu, Sangwon
Yu, Sangwon CXO Team Leader of Bloter&media inc.
(ex) Designhouse, Skcomms, Kookmin Univ. (Ph.D.)
New York Univ. (MPS), Seoul Nat’l Univ. (B.S.)
Lee, Minhyun
Lee, Minhyun Auditor COO of Merkline, CEO of Chainstream
KIM, GWANGCHEON Technical Lead Researcher of M-BRANE Lab
Principal Research Engineer of E4NET
Sogang Univ. (B.S.)
LEE, DEOKHEE Communication Manager Sungkyunkwan Univ (B.S.)
SEO, YEONGEUN Developer Researcher of M-BRANE Lab
Senior Research Engineer of E4NET
Ajou Univ. (M.S.)
AHN, SANGJUNE Developer Researcher of M-BRANE Lab
Associate Research Engineer of E4NET
Univ. of Newcastle (B.S.)


Lee, Younghye
Lee, Younghye CEO of Designhouse Publiser of 5 monthly magazines and books, Organizer of design related events and fairs, Committee member for Korea CEO Forum
Lee, Sujeong
Lee, Sujeong CEO and Founder of E4NET
Lee, Will
Lee, Will CEO of Bluewhale CEO and Co-founder of Bluewhale Foundation
Lee, Donghyueung
Lee, Donghyueung Executive of Peoplesnow CEO of Nowprofile, Co-Founder of Cyworld
Kang, Jungsoo
Kang, Jungsoo CEO of Mediati


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